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Teraja Building, Primary 4 - 7

Brunei Junior Sports league

Learning on Teraja allows children to access the English and Mathematics Curriculum of England and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for all other subjects. All age groups have specialist teachers for Music, PE, Digital Education (DE), Drama and Bahasa.  Primary 7 also have specialist Art and Design Technology, French and Science.

We offer a well balanced curriculum with opportunities for children to excel academically and creatively through Milepost Concerts, Challenge Days, Assembly presentations and Sports Days. Further details on the academic content of P4 - P7 can be found in the Year Group Curriculum Outline.

All classes are grouped together in Year Group blocks. Our on site facilities include a large PE Hall (which is also used for Teraja Assemblies and other events), a Digital Education Lab, an Art & DT room, a Dance and Drama Studio with spring bound flooring and floor to ceiling mirrors and a Library.

There are between two and four classes in each Year Group with class sizes averaging from 15 to 22 pupils.

The school day starts at 7.30am with school staff on duty from 7.20am. Many of our children walk or cycle to school. There is a 30 minute morning break and a 55 minute break for lunch.

Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school and drink at regular intervals during the day to ensure they stay hydrated. In addition, children must wear sun hats. It is recommended that sunscreen and insect repellent are applied at home. The school day ends at 2.20pm.  

There are a number of sporting activities held after school over the week, and after school activities for all children on Thursdays (ASAs) which start at 2.30pm and finish at 3.15pm.

Academically, our children are able to thrive due to small class sizes and a strong teaching focus on personalising learning. While our admissions policy is non-selective, results at the end of Milepost Two reflect that our children are performing above the average expectation of the UK.

Where children need extra support, we have a small Additional Needs Team who are able to provide assistance with children new to english, moderate mainstream learning difficulties and children identified as needing extension activities.

Learning opportunities beyond the classroom focus on the locality of Brunei. P6 and P7 also go further afield on extended stays  for a week in Term 2 as part of residential or Expeditions Week.

Learning extends further into our local community where students in each year group work collaboratively to engage in activities that support the local community and broaden our children's view of how they can become active citizens that contribute positively to their world.


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