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Parent Partnership

Working in Partnership

"Parent involvement” has become a popular phrase in schools, and for good reason. Supporting your child’s learning makes a significant difference in a child’s performance.

Parent involvement can include things as different as helping your child with weekly spelling words, volunteering in a classroom, or attending sporting events. As long as your actions show that you value education, your child is likely to respond.

Decades of research shows that when parents get involved in their children’s education, they do better in and out of school. Parent involvement is tied to improved academic performance, better social skills and behavior. Children of involved parents are more likely to stay in school and are more likely to continue their education beyond high school.

Simple things such as reading a book together at bedtime really count. Communicating with the teacher about your child’s progress and challenges is important. Attending school events shows your child that school is an important part of your family life. Volunteering just a few hours a year can make a difference for the school. If you’re ready to do more, your school’s parent-teacher group can help you find ways to get involved that fit both your schedule and your interests.


Entry & Exit Points

Each term parents are invited to visit their children class to find out what they have been learning. Usually at IPC Exit points an interactive experience is arranged by the class teacher that showcases the children's learning through the unit. This will also involve the opportunity for you to look through your children's books.

Volunteering in class


We are always looking for volunteer parents to support in class. Usually this will be straight after drop off for guided reading. Alternatively there are points in the year where we need parents with specific knowledge to come support our learning about a wide range of subjects. Our chidlren love having their parents show their interest and enthusiasm in our classrooms.

Class Assemblys:

Building your child's confidence!


Class Assemblies & Concerts

Speaking in public is a very important part of developing your child's confidence. Having an interested parent to support them at this event equally vital for a child's self esteem. Each year to develop our childrens public confidence they take part in a class assembly to showcase their learning and build their performance confidence. Through the school year there are also milepost and year group dramatic productions and singing concerts that provide a bigger audience and the opportunity  to perform in  a public show for the community. All parents are welcome to these events.

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