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Nursery Panaga School


In Nursery, students enter from 3- 4 years of age. Each class is led by a class teacher with two Learning Support Assistants in each class.  We provide a safe and nurturing environment for all children. Nursery has covered and uncovered zones and children have access to all areas (inside and out).

 Adults interact with students to support learning and ensure the safety of all throughout the Nursery environment. Our continuous provision approach sees the classrooms and shared areas of Nursery full of stimulating resources which engage the children from the moment that they walk through the door each morning.


Our facilities include a cycle track, gardening and compost area, outdoor play equipment (to promote physical development), snack room, a variety of ICT tools, access to the school P.E. hall and a school library.


Resources are organised to encourage children to select and make decisions about their own learning. our children are encouraged to combine and use resources creatively.  



We have a natural environments with many garden areas. We aim to instill in the children a love of being in nature and caring for our natural world, as well as enjoying getting wet and muddy!

Our day starts at 7.40am with a settling period where parents are welcome to stay within the Nursery environment to support their child. At 8.00am we have a daily focused carpet session. The children then have the opportunity to engage with all Nursery children within the garden area and continuous provision. This is changed and adapted daily in response to the children’s interests and our planned learning focus.

During the remaining part of the morning, the children have 2 short focused teaching sessions, communal snack with all Nursery children and the chance to continue their own interests and ideas within the different areas in our continuous provision.

We value the development of the children’s cultural awareness, physical, communication and language as well as personal, social and emotional skills. We also provide many opportunities to support gross and fine motor skill development in a range of contexts.

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