Shell School Mission Statement


Shell Schools will, through excellent teaching and organization, maximize children’s learning in a way which enables them to achieve high social, personal and academic standards, enjoy learning, adapt to other education systems and develop both a national and international perspective.


Panaga School Mission Statement


Panaga School provides learning supported by an International Curriculum that empowers children with the knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to be productive members of an ever-changing, culturally diverse world community.


Policy Purpose


To provide consistency of approach and a transparent process for admission to Panaga School. Admission Policy The children of Brunei Shell Joint Venture (BSJV) employees can enter school if all the relevant application criteria are met. The admission process must be completed before the first day of attendance.


BSJV Employees


IBAS Criteria:

  • Children meet age eligibility for the school**


Panaga School Teachers’ Criteria:


  • Children meet age eligibility for the school**

  • Teachers are not benefitting from duplication of benefits


Term Contracts / Direct Hires’ Criteria:


  • Children meet age eligibility for the school**

  • Children have experienced a similar style education

  • There are places available within the year group for which the child is eligible.***


Bruneian Staff Criteria:

  • Children meet age eligibility for the school**

  • Approval by Shell Country Chair, Brunei Shell Petroleum’s Human Resources Director and the School Board


*If your personal circumstances change this may result in a review of an allocated place.

**Subject to the school being able to meet your child’s educational needs (See SEN)

***Class sizes at the school are limited and children of staff in this category can only be offered a place on the waiting list prior to arrival in Brunei. A decision on admission to the school will be made upon arrival in Brunei and will be determined by the availability of places. The usual terms and conditions of admission will still apply.

Age Eligibility Criteria


Eligibility for particular age groups is based on the child’s age.  However, in exceptional circumstances the school reserves the right to place a child in a class that is deemed academically and developmentally more appropriate.



Note: For Pre-Nursery pupils, admission will only be accepted at the start of the academic year in September.  No other admission will be accepted during the academic year unless newly arrived in the country.


The Shell School’s admission policy is strongly adhered to and children are placed, upon arrival at the school, in the year group that is appropriate to their age. This may not correspond to all children’s previous school experience and class placement. However, careful consideration is given to children’s prior experience, particularly in the lower end of the school, and children can be moved to a lower class if needed, after assessments and consultation with the Principal and Heads of Streams.

Pre-Nursery (PN)


Pre-Nursery students will be admitted in one enrollment in September. Students will not be admitted at other times of the year or the start of the 2nd or 3rd term, unless they are new arrivals to the country.

If you decide not to join the PN in September then the next admission will be in Nursery a year later. Please consult your contract with regard to payment of fees.

Entrance Assessments


The school conducts entry assessments for all children. These are used to provide us with a clear picture of the child’s prior learning and current abilities so that they are allocated to a class which will support their ongoing development. Where an assessment may highlight an area of concern, parents will be informed and subsequent assessments (including requests for assessments and reports from external specialists) may be requested as a condition of an offer of admission.



Panaga School has an International Stream which follows the National Curriculum of England and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). The curriculum provision incorporates residential field trips and visits, which are integral to the education offered. Children are expected to follow the curriculum in full. Where parents opt not to include their child in residential visits lasting more than one night, the school will not provide alternative educational provision.


English Language Support (EAL)


An English Language or a Support Language programme will be offered if the pupil’s level of English prevents him/her from accessing the curriculum fully.


Special Educational Needs (SEN)


Panaga School is a mainstream school and offers very limited support for children with special educational needs. Where there is such a requirement, parents must contact the Principal (HRF/4) for advice and to establish if local support is available before coming to Brunei.

Note: Failure to disclose any relevant information could result in the withdrawal of the child’s place if the school feels it cannot meet the child’s educational needs.


‘Where a child has been identified with a SEN before admittance / on admittance / after admittance, due to the limited resources, both within the school and locally, the school reserves the right to recommend alternative educational provision, if the needs of the child cannot be met within the mainstream classroom.’

                  Panaga School Special Educational Needs Policy

Digital Education (DE)


Digital Education is an integral part of the learning provision at Panaga School. All parents and children must accept the Panaga School Acceptable Use Policy (attached). Regular audits are carried out to ensure continue compliance with the guidelines.




Parents are required to notify the school of any medical condition or need for regular medication. In a medical emergency, the school’s Senior Leadership Team may authorise referral to the Shell Panaga Health Centre for urgent treatment.


Code of Conduct


The day-to-day management of the school is the responsibility of the Senior Leadership Team and in educational matters their decision is final. It is a condition of entry that all parents undertake to ensure their children comply with all school rules. This includes, but is not limited to, punctual attendance, behaviour and appearance. The Principal shall have the right to suspend or expel a child from school following a thorough investigation process.




Parents and children agree that basic personal details and images may, from time to time, be used for the purpose of publicity. Any image taken of children in school by parents or their guests should not be published on social networking sites without the permission of the parents of the children in the image.

Assessment Data


Parents agree that the school may collect and store data on pupil progress against assessments made internally and through external testing (PiPs, ISAs). Teacher assessment data is also stored using Tapestry (Early Years) and Classroom Monitor (P2 – P8). All such data includes basic information relating to the children’s age, language and background to provide for effective analysis.


Student Pass

The Brunei Government requires all expatriate children attending Panaga School to have a current student pass.

  • Student passes are to be directly applied for by the parents of third party children from the Ministry of Education in Bandar or via school administration.

  • The school secretary can provide parents with the necessary form for making the application.  

  • Initial application for a third party child attending Panaga School must be applied for within the first two months of school attendance.

  • The ‘green’ receipt from the Ministry must be returned to the school as proof of application.


School Fees


School fees are reviewed annually and may be subject to increase. There are three terms in the school year and fees will be charged on a per term basis. School fees will be published in advance of the academic year and will apply for the following three terms.


M1 and M2:                              B$ 4274 per term

Primary 1 - Primary 7:            B$ 4274 per term

Pre-Nursery and Nursery:     B$ 2091 per term


Costs for activities outside the core curriculum, such as residential field trips and visits, in which you agree in advance that your child may participate, are not included in the school fees and will be charged for accordingly. BSJV employees are advised to refer to their contractual educational entitlement.


Please see fees policy for further details.


Payment Methods


Fees are payable prior to a child starting a school term. Payment should be made payable to.


Beneficiary: Brunei Shell Petroleum Co Sdn Bhd

Beneficiary Bank Details:  Standard Chartered, Kuala Belait, Brunei


A/C No. 01001-418601-00


A full term’s fees will be payable in the event that a child enters the school during the course of the first half of a term. If a child enters the school after the half-term holiday in a given term, a half term’s fees will be charged. If a child leaves at the half term holiday in a given term (Final departure without returning to school), a half term’s fees will be charged. A half term’s fees is defined as 50% of a full term’s fees.


Families with a final leaver date part way through mid term can apply for a pro rata fee structure. In such instances, an appointment is required with the Head Teacher or Principal to determine pro rata and gain approval for such a fee structure.

The decision of the school regarding admission is final. Panaga School reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions of Admission.

New Educational Provision


From August 2017, all children of IBAS and LNN employees can choose for P9 (Y8) either in Panaga School, other private (international) schools in Brunei, and secondary schools in Base or third country whilst children of PSTP and TC employees will receive education support for schools in Brunei only and not in Base. This option will remain in place until August 2018. Educational support will be at the level currently indicated.


IBAS: from August 2018, the educational provision in Brunei for children who turn 13 will be limited to that provided in the P9 (Y8) classes at Panaga School. Transfer to other private schools in Brunei will be supported once a child has completed P9 (Y8). If parents opt for alternative private schools in Brunei for P9 (Y8) then this will be funded from their personal account. Parents still have an option to send their children to their base or third country for secondary education under the IM policy.


TC/PSTP: Educational support will remain the same at $800/month per child for Panaga and other private schools in Brunei only.


Selection of student placements will continue to be based on criteria set by Panaga School.


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