Melilas Building, Middle Years One & Two

The Middle Years curriculum at Panaga School provides a balanced experience for our students; one which aims to develop the social, emotional, creative and academic aspects of their learning. In addition to the rich and wide-ranging curriculum content, there is also a focus on important skills, competencies, attitudes and values required for successful life-long learning and positive global citizenship.

The academic program is firmly grounded on the programs of study of the National Curriculum for England across all subject areas, but also takes a thematic approach to provide a relevant context for the children’s learning. Children are provided with learning opportunities that develop skills as well as knowledge and engage them in making decisions and taking responsibility for their actions.

Our detailed knowledge of the progress that children have made prior to joining Middle Years allows us to seamlessly build on the successes that children have made during their primary school years; challenge begins from the start of M1 with individual academic needs catered for immediately.

This personalised knowledge of your child also supports a pastoral programme that is focused on the needs of the individual and not the group. Children develop the skills necessary to make the right decisions, to take responsibility for their own learning and have a broad understanding and appreciation of the cultures that live together in our international community in Brunei.

Melilas Jerudong Park Reward Day 2019

Melilas students attend tutorial classes beginning at 7.20am each morning, before continuing their school day in line with Teraja bell times. The school day ends at 2.20pm Monday to Thursday and 12noon Fridays. Melilas students also have a range of home learning study groups and after school activities on offer outside of usual school hours.

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