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Teraja waterfall Brunei
Panaga School Brunei Flag
Mosque Brunei Panaga School


On the northwest coast of the island of Borneo lies Brunei, an independent Sultanate filled with beaches and jungles. Brunei, shares Borneo with parts of Malaysia and Indonesia. Though small, because of its oil and gas reserves, Brunei is a very rich country. 

Panaga School lies at the southern end of Brunei close to the border with Malaysia. It is situated within the Brunei Shell Petroleum camp and staff enjoy the opportunities that being part of this community afford, these include access to the Panaga Club  sports facilities, a safe environment and an active outdoors lifestyle. For those that enjoy nature, the rainforest and scuba diving are easily accessible.

Whilst initial contracts at the school are for two years, such is the lifestyle offered that most staff stay beyond this period and many staff stay for several years.

The tropical climate in Brunei offers average temperatures ranging between 28-32C (82-88F) throughout the year. But during the monsoon season (between November and January), temperatures are generally cooler, with more frequent rainfalls in the afternoon. 

Brunei is composed of a mixture of Southeast Asian ethnic groups. About two-thirds of the population is Malay, nearly one-fifth is Chinese, and the remainder are indigenous peoples. But all groups get along to help maintain a safe, stable and secure country governed by a monarchy that has been serving for over 600 years. 

Outpost Brunei work in conjunction with the Shell Global team and Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) HR, to provide non-contractual support for the duration of your expatriate posting with Shell/BSP. Panaga School is currently owned and operated by BSP. Outpost is part of the Shell International Mobility Network and support all Shell, Shell JV and Shell Contract expatriates. It is a volunteer organisation staffed by the spouses of Shell, Shell Joint Venture (JV) and Shell Contract employees, who are in country.

For many Outpost is a first point of contact to help with preparing for a move to Brunei, distribution of information to families arriving in Brunei, support settling in to your new home and whilst in country for the duration of your expatriate posting.

You can reach out to Outpost directly for more information via email: or WhatsApp: +673 745 1095

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