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Our students enjoy coming to school each day because they know they will be cared for and supported in their learning.  Each student is recognised and ‘known’ by their expert teachers, allowing them to develop the confidence required to embrace the challenges that will be skillfully and carefully placed before them.   We continually strive to uphold our vision of ‘Together, improving learning’.


We are proud of our children because they value and always look to promote and practise our personal qualities of respect, communication, cooperation, integrity, reflection, adaptability, resilience, enquiry and creativity.  These qualities are exhibited through our curriculum and co curricular activities and also the many opportunities for leadership that exist throughout the school.  


Wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do and this is cultivated and grown through helping each child develop positive and mutually respectful relationships, both with their peers and their teachers.


We are extremely proud of the academic outcomes for all of our students; they are the product of an emphasis on continual self improvement.  Students are encouraged to explore and play, follow their curiosity and be creative in their thinking.  Our teachers are experts in being responsive to each child’s needs, providing very individual feedback to enable them (and their parents) to embrace the next step in their learning.  Our definition of learning ‘Together, getting better’ encapsulates this three way partnership. 


International mindedness is fundamental to the culture of Panaga School. International mindedness teaches us to recognise and celebrate sameness and difference across cultures and countries.  We are committed to contributing to the success of the UN’s SDGs and enabling all of our students to be global citizens.    Our school's definition of international mindedness is ‘Together, you, me, our community’: a  definition that is reflected in the way that we function, as a diverse, inclusive and supportive learning community. 


Please enjoy finding out more about our school, through the different sections of the website.  Don’t take our word for it though!  Come and see and feel what makes Panaga School so exceptional by meeting the exceptional people on either of our two beautiful sites:  Rampayoh/Mendaram and Teraja/Melilas.


Senior Leadership Team (Left to Right):
Aimee Boase (Teraja Deputy Principal), Mandy Russell (Melilas Deputy Principal), Brian Platts (Principal), Donna Bonham-Russell (Mendaram & Rampayoh Deputy Principal), Cyla Ahmad (Business Service Lead).

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