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On behalf of Panaga School Community, we wish to welcome you to this website. This website offers a range of information to assist you to get to know more about Panaga School, or to help existing families stay informed of school developments. It also offers information and contact points for admission application processes.


Panaga School is an international school, focused on our school's vision of Together, Improving Learning.

As an International Curriculum school, international mindedness is fundamental to the culture of Panaga School. International mindedness teaches us to recognise and celebrate sameness and difference across cultures and countries. Our school's definition of international mindedness is You, Me, Our Community. A definition that is reflected in the way that we function, as a diverse and supportive learning community.

Panaga School's definition of learning is Together, Getting Better. Learners at Panaga School become consciously aware of the knowledge, skills and understanding that they are developing through valuable learning experiences, taught through an international context.

Our Personal Qualities include respect, communication, cooperation, integrity, reflection, adaptation, resilience, and enquiry. These qualities are embedded in our school curriculum, along with international mindedness. The image of a whale is representative of international mindedness, as it travels long distances around the globe as it migrates. All other animals found within the image of a whale are local to Borneo, with attributes that are representative of Panaga School's Personal Qualities.

To potential new families to Panaga School, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you to become part of your child's learning journey.

SLT 3.png

Panaga School Senior Leadership Team (L-R): Donna Bonham-Russell (Mendaram Deputy Principal), Perminder Sanghera (Teraja Deputy Principal 21/22), Mandy Russell (Teraja Deputy Principal 22/23), Robert Unsworth (Melilas Deputy Principal), Cindy Bin Tahal (Principal), Claire Richmond (Rampayoh Deputy Principal), Cyla Ahmad (Business Service Lead)

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