PTA Constitution

Name and Address

-The name shall be Panaga School’s Parent Teacher Association (hereafter referred to as the PTA) and all parents who have children attending Panaga School are members. As are full time contract teaching staff.

-The address of the PTA will be the address of Panaga School.



-To aid in the communication and relations between parents, teachers and the school management.

-To support and assist with extra curricular activities.

-To improve parents' understanding of curriculum issues.

-To help organise school social events for parents, pupils and staff to develop effective relationships within the school community.


The Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

-Consists of 12 parent members with the aim for a ratio of 1:50.

-Should represent the broad range of nationalities within the school.

-The elected parents will hold office for 1 school year – 1st July- June 30th.

-Is non profitable.


Election and Appointment

-The parent members on the PTA will be elected at an Annual General Meeting (hereinafter referred to as the AGM) which will be held during June of each year.

-Elected members shall be eligible for re-election only once.

-In event of a vacancy the PTA may fill casual vacancies by co option until the next AGM.

-Teacher representatives will include one Dutch teacher, one international stream teacher, and the Panaga School Leadership Team (hereinafter referred to as SLT).

-Teacher representatives should be voted on to PTA by teaching staff.

-SLT and teacher representatives will be ex-officio.

-Nominations for PTA shall be proposed and seconded by members of the PTA and should have the consent of the nominee. Nominations should be made prior to the commencement of the AGM.

-PTP elected at the AGM.

-At the first PTA meeting the officers of the PTA will be elected.

-The officers of the PTA will consist of:




  Governing Board Representative (parent)

-The PTA will consist of:




  Advisors (SLT)


  Governing Board Rep

  Class Parent Coordinator

  Cultural Assemblies Coordinator

  2 Teacher Representative

  SLT Advisory Members


Proceedings of the PTA

-The PTA will hold meetings for the transaction of business at usually once a month, or as needed, and will call an AGM once a year. 

-50% of members need to be present for a quorum.


Minutes of PTA Meetings

Minutes also posted on website and PTA notice board at both sites.



-The Annual General Meeting of the PTA shall be held in the month of June each year to receive the reports of the retiring PTA members, to nominate the new PTA members and to deal with any other competent business.

-The current PTA will give at least 14 days notice of the date of the AGM.

All resolutions to be discussed at the AGM are to be submitted in writing to the committee at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. All resolutions are to be proposed and seconded by members of the PTA.



The PTA can be dissolved at anytime by a resolution passed with a clear 2/3 majority at a general meeting of the PTA members present.


Procedure applicable to AGMs and other PTA meetings

-Attendance at Meetings : All members of the PTA are entitled to attend.

-Voting : All PTA members are eligible to vote.  Proxy votes may be submitted in writing to the committee before the start of the meeting.

-Resolutions : Resolutions will be part of an agreed agenda and made public 48 hours before the meeting. At any general meeting, any resolution shall be decided by a majority vote. A resolution put to the vote shall be decided on a show of hands unless a poll of parents is demanded by at least 3 PTA members.

-In addition to the AGM, further PTA meetings shall be called by the PTA with 14 days notices as and when the PTA consider such meetings to be desirable or when at least 20 PTA members request that a PTA meeting be held after prior consultation with the PTA.


Interpretation of Constitution

The PTA will be required to liaise with the school management over any matters arising from the administration and interpretation of the constitution of the PTA.