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Admission Procedures

Admissions Documents

1. All relevant paperwork must be submitted to Panaga School Administrations before a child's admission will be considered. This includes the Online Application Form, Pupil Reference Form, and child's previous class reports.

2. On receipt of all relevant documentation the School Principal will review the application and request any additional information they consider pertinent based on the afore mentioned documentation. If school admissions criteria are fulfilled a place will be provisionally offered.

3. Assessments will include, a pre visit for Pre-Nursery-Primary One children of two hours within the relevant age class group.

For Primary Two to Middle Years Two aged children, there will be formal written assessments in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. School leaders will work with families to schedule orientation visits and pre assessments that meet the needs of families and children.

4. Allocations to specific classes will be communicated to parents as soon as this information is available. Each incoming family's situation will be different. Panaga School prides itself on individualising our orientation and admissions process, in support of all family's individual needs. Families will be provided with a school senior leader, who will be available to assist with school transitions.

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