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Mendaram Building 

Pre-Nursery & Nursery

What makes Mendaram a special place to be, is the happy, engaging and fun learning atmosphere. Our children benefit from a stimulating, integrated indoor-outdoor environment, which promotes a child’s independence, decision making and resilience.


Mendaram building Panaga School

When your child joins Panaga School they will receive all the care, attention and support to settle into their new learning environment. We value your child as an individual and work hard to encourage their personal strengths and interests. Our pupils learn through a play-based, thematic approach, utilising a range of interesting and creative teaching methods. They have freedom to explore, investigate, discover, imagine, take risks, solve problems and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding through self-chosen activities and adult-led experiences. Our ethos enables children to follow their own interests and initiate and extend their own learning with the support of our highly experienced Early Years Team.

At Panaga School, we are committed to encouraging children to become independent learners. We use the International Early Years Curriculum IEYC as our guidance.  All the Mendaram staff work together to equip the environment and plan engaging activities for our children. We carefully observe the student responses to the learning experiences using the skills outlined in the IEYC documents as a guide. Our parents have access to See Saw their child’s online Learning Journal which records photos, observations, comments and builds up a record of your child's experiences during their time with us.


Support from our parents is key to our success and we work hard to establish and maintain open communication and form partnerships that will last throughout your child’s time here at Panaga School.

Find out more about Pre-Nursery and Nursery here.

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