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About Panaga School

Panaga School’s Mission and Vision is - "Together, Improving Learning". Student learning and progress on all levels is central to all that we do. This message is conveyed through an image of a whale silhouetted with animals, that represent the personal qualities. Our community is transient in nature, therefore the clear message of "Together, Improving Learning" helps all easily understand our mission. In addition, Panaga School's mission expands into our definitions of International Mindedness - "You, Me, Our Community", as well as our definition of Learning - "Together Getting Better".

Current Organisation

Panaga School provides education for children from 2-13 years of age.


There are 2 school sites, with four sections of the school:

Mendaram - early years

Rampayoh - lower primary

Teraja - upper primary

Melilas - middle years


The school offers an NTC Dutch programme for children who speak Dutch.

The school occupies a split site with a distance of approximately 700 metres between Mendaram and Rampayoh (catering for children aged 2 years to 7 years of age) and Teraja and Melilas (catering for children aged 7 years to 13 years of age).


The school is led by the Principal, with four Deputy Principals, located at each section of the school.


Panaga School is a company school, owned and operated by Brunei Shell Petroleum. There are currently 4 Shell affiliated schools around the world in locations where Shell operates; namely Nigeria, Oman  and Brunei. 

Shell schools have changed in recent years with the previous core student population being either British or Dutch. Panaga School now has children from more than 28 different nations. The teachers at Panaga represent an international community, coming from countries including Australia, Brunei, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Scotland, Netherlands, The United States of America and South Africa. 



Panaga School was established in 1948. It is situated in the Brunei Shell residential camp of Panaga between the oil towns of Kuala Belait and Seria.

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