PTA Charter


The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) will be a focal point for ideas and suggestions and will act as a vehicle for enhancing communication and interaction between the parents and the school. It will support the school’s vision of ensuring that children reach their full potential in a secure and happy environment.



The PTA is able to make suggestions but will not have the power to implement decisions on school matters. The school is owned by Brunei Shell Petroleum (hereinafter referred to as BSP) and the school management is directly accountable to BSP, not to the parents.

-Rules and obligations are described in the constitution of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) as agreed with BSP and parents and teachers.


Governing Board

The elected board representative on the PTA will be a member of the Panaga School Governing Board. The Board is there to provide a broader consultation process, and it’s role is to make recommendations to the Principal and BSP management on matters including, but not limited to : Student admission, Staffing, Premises maintenance, Finance, HSE, Security, Ad-Hoc issues of significance.



-The PTA is a group of parent and teacher representatives nominated, and accountable to the PTA, which comprises all parents and teachers.

-The PTA tries to maintain a ratio of 50:1 children : parent representatives. The parents represent the different nationalities attending the school from both the International and Dutch streams and cover both school buildings. 

-In addition it includes two teachers representing the Dutch and International streams. The School Leadership Team are advisory members and has no voting powers.



The objectives of the PTA are to encourage and enhance good communication between the parents and school, and to support and initiate extra activities, including, but not limited to :

  • Health and Safety.

  • Parents as a resource.

  • Support school events.

  • School social events and develop effective relationships within school community.

  • Extra curricular activities for children.


PTA Structure
  •  Chairperson

  •  Secretary

  •  Treasurer

  •  Governing Board Representative

  •  Communications

  •  Class Parent Coordinator

  •  Teachers (2)

  •  Advisors (School Senior Leadership Team)


Communication Plan

Communication with the PTA will be via e-mail. Minutes of the meetings and the AGM will be available via the school website, e-mail and school bulletin boards.


Frequency and Format of Meetings

Meetings will take place at usual each term or as needed. An AGM will be called near to the beginning of the school year. All members of the Panaga School Community are welcome to attend.