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International Leadership And Management Programme


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Educational Leadership Training, Community Spirit and 'Brunei Yakin' at Panaga School

From the 11th to the 14th of February 2013, Panaga School hosted the International Leadership and Management Programme (ILMP) for current and aspiring leaders of Panaga School and a variety of Brunei government schools and colleges. The course was an opportunity for this country’s top educationalists to come together in some ‘Brunei Yakin’; to learn about, to inspire one another and to share in school management best practices.


‘Brunei Yakin’ is not just of paramount importance to Brunei Shell Petroleum, it is a key part of the ethos of Panaga School. Though the school’s primary role is to provide learning opportunities for children of expatriate staff, ‘Brunei Yakin’ at Panaga School is clearly evident in our students’ and staff’s (including Bruneian Administration and Learning Support Assistants’) pride in working and living in Brunei.


This year, Panaga School aims to contribute even more to the wider community of Brunei by having appointed, among its teaching staff, a Community Leader for Learning. As a result, stronger links have already been formed with local schools and organisations, including Panaga’s invitation to local school and college leaders to attend the ILMP.


The ILMP, delivered by Fieldwork Education’s Director of Professional Development, Ms Pam Harper, is a "school-based practitioner program, designed to impact both directly and indirectly on improved student learning." The programme encourages confidence and expertise in leadership and professional relationships between students, staff, senior leaders and board members; among other teaching/learning management aspects. 


In addition to the practical and theoretical guidance provided on the course, participants gained a great deal from the interaction with colleagues from other schools; their shared experiences and the contrasting challenges they face each day. The feedback from all teachers and school managers who attended the course was highly complimentary, including: 


‘An outstanding programme.’


‘Wonderfully beneficial for those who are leaders, thinking about being leaders and even those who are not.’

‘The best course of training I have received of any kind in my teaching career.’

‘It was great to be united in leadership and learning.’


On a daily basis, teachers help children learn by making what is complex, simple. At Panaga School, we refer to Brunei as our ‘host’ country and this notion of hospitality explains in a simple way how ‘Brunei Yakin’ worked for us during the course. For all that Brunei teaches and provides for us, our commitment to sharing our experiences and expertise as educators is the small gift that we can bring in return to say, “Thank you”.


By Andy Ryan, Milepost 3 Leader for Learning, and Damian Brady


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